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Digital Content Event (DC) 2021

Digital Conference - 2021
Digital Conference, Digital Content
About This Project

The Digital Revolution is a series of social-cultural and economic changes brought about the widespread dissemination of digital technologies. It has produced new forms of thinking, acting and interacting both at the individual and at the collective levels. In this digital era, everybody is considered as near to technologies or even tech savvy. Using it to do business, manage social media, and many other activities. People are ready to develop their ‘own content’. But just because they know how to produce content, doesn’t mean the content will always be relatable – or even engaging. Engagement comes from sincerity, originality and the closeness of content to the viewers. Through this event, we would show the audience how to create an immaculate content and how they can find their best niche.

On Us Asia as host a virtual event called the Digital Content 2021 held 19 – 20 March 2021 using Zoom Application as the platform, with theme of the event is: Content is The Doctor of Economy